North Country

The North Country encompasses the areas in and around the city of Plattsburgh, NY.  The region is located on the shores of Lake Champlain and one hour south of Montreal and two hours north of Albany, NY,  making it advantageously positioned for economic and business development. 

Montreal’s U.S. Suburb

Located just one hour from downtown Montreal, Quebec, the Plattsburg-Lake Champlain Region is considered by many to be Montreal's U.S. suburb.  Montreal is Canada’s second largest city, is home to nearly four million people and is the second largest French speaking city in the world. It is a center of commerce, finance, industry, technology, culture and world affairs–and the Plattsburgh Region is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the city’s assets and opportunities.

Hub of the Quebec-New York Corridor

One of New York State’s most important corridors runs from Montreal to Albany with connections throughout Quebec and New York. Plattsburgh serves as a globally significant getaway to and from the world’s richest market.

Gateway to NY’s Tech Valley

New York’s Tech Valley spans from the Canadian border near Montreal to just north of New York City– the North Country Region is a critical gateway to the Canadian market and a significant hub on the extensive route.  The Tech Valley area encompasses the Capital Region and parts of the Adirondacks and North Country, Hudson Valley and Mohawk Valley.  It offers rewarding career and business prospects, world-class educational and research facilities and a high quality of life.

Heart of the Adirondacks

The North County Region is also a gateway to the 6-million acre Adirondack Park and the Lake Placid Olympic Region.  The Adirondacks offer the largest natural wilderness in the lower 48, and are home to the highest peaks of New York, pristine lakes, and old growth forests. In the center of it all and just a short drive from Plattsburgh, is the Lake Placid Region– featuring world-class resorts, recreational venues and the Olympic facilities.

Top 10 Small Cities of the Future

fDi magazine recently ranked Plattsburgh as one of the Top 10 micro cities of the future in North America. With a population under 100,000, the city ranked in the categories of business friendliness, economic potential and human resources. A variety of individual criteria was considered in each category.

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